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Modern Day Slavery

Def: Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slaveryforced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others; or for the extraction of organs or tissues, including surrogacy and ova removal; or for providing a spouse in the context of forced marriage. It can occur within a country or trans-nationally. Human trafficking is a crime against the person because of the violation of the victim’s rights of movement through coercion and because of their commercial exploitation. It is the trade in people, and does not necessarily involve the movement of the person from one place to another.

Human Trafficking is termed as the 'Modern Day Slavery'.  Do your part to un-chuckle these victims.

Human Trafficking is termed as the ‘Modern Day Slavery’. Do your part to un-chuckle these victims.

The Association of Concentrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa congregated in Lusaka – Zambia for their 16th Plenary 2014.  During this period, the delegates poured through various research materials, listened to many hours of presentations and deliberated on various issues affecting the human race.

Top on these deliberations and of much concern regardless of which region one came from, HUMAN TRAFFICKING was  noted as a thorn in the flesh for many countries and more so for this particular gathering as many affected persons are women.

ACWECA  16th Plenary set aside a whole day on 23rd of August 2014 to study and listen to presentations from various stakeholders on the subject.

Speaking during the Assembly on the same, the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) through Mr. Chris Chisoni, called on the sisters in the ACWECA region to build a network of information through research and data collection that will tell the magnitude of the problem of human trafficking in the region.

He reiterated that a lot of people were benefiting from different continents by shipping human beings from poor countries in Africa through promising them a good life.

Mr. Chisoni urged the sisters to increase awareness of this vice and collaborate with their various governments and continental unions to strengthen the legal frameworks to eliminate human trafficking in Africa.

He called on individual congregations to help in building desiring communities that will be alert in curbing this vice.

                                                           $30 Billion                                                                                                  Estimated International Annual                                          Revenue from Human Trafficking

Also speaking during the conference, Sr. Pat Murray the Secretary General of Union of International Superiors General (UISG) based in Rome, said that one of their most treasured projects was Human Trafficking.  She indicated that they plan to lobby the Vatican to make a Saint’s day in November also a Human Traffic Day so that more ‘Noise’ can be made about this issue and action taken.

The Secretary General of ACWECA has acknowledged that this is a very important mandate for ACWECA and has promised to knock on every door that matters to see that the Association has accomplished this mandate of the 16th Plenary and that visible stride coupled with statistics are produced

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot, together we can do great things – Mother Teresa of Calcutta

At the end of the Assembly, one of the ACWECA Mandates was a resolve to end this vice and ACWECA as a Regional Body (through its new leadership) was mandated to lay out programmes especially in the ACWECA countries to stem out this vice.

                                              ACWECA DECLARATION                                                                                    16TH ACWECA PLENARY 2014                                                                                          LUSAKA, ZAMBIA                                                      2(C) To Promote Capacity building for Missions by: Ending Human Trafficking

As much as the statistics on this issue are grave, many Associations part of ACWECA are doing their part through their Justice and Peace Departments.  Reports reaching ACWECA is that small steps are being made and the numbers are improving to the better.

ACWECA welcomes individuals, organizations and governments to join hands with us and help in laying out strategies and programmes to stem out this vice in our society.

Let this quote inspire you to take action:

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” – Elie Wiesel

Refuse to be neutral. Educate yourself on human trafficking issues. Spread the Word.

(Article By:  Marie Njuguna – Communications Dpt)


Three Nuns brutality Raped, Killed and Decapitated in Bunjubura – Burundi

Italian Nuns: Lucia Pulici, Olga Raschietti and Bernardetta Boggian

Italian Nuns: Lucia Pulici, Olga Raschietti and Bernardetta Boggian

Three Italian nuns were found killed, two of them raped and decapitated, over the weekend in the north of Burundi’s capital, officials and a priest in the African state said on Monday.  The Nuns were housed at Bukavu Convent in Bujumbura.

Father Mario Pulicini, who is responsible for the parish in a northern suburb of Bujumbura, named two of the nuns as Lucia Pulici, who was 75 and Olga Raschietti, 82. He said they were found decapitated in their dormitory on Sunday.

The third nun, 79-year-old Bernadetta Boggian, was found dead early on Monday morning. The killings appeared to have happened at two separate times, he said.

Earlier in the week, police said three suspects had been detained for questioning.  Information reaching ACWECA International states that A man has been arrested in Burundi for the brutal rape and murder of the three nuns allegedly because they occupied his land!

Christian Claude Butoyi, 33, confessed to the crime saying he wanted to retaliate because the nuns’ convent was “illegally occupying” his land.

“I raped and killed them because they were foreigners living on my land,” police spokesman Hermenegilde Harimenshi said.

The religious fratanity in Burundi and the world as large is trying to come to terms with this heinous act and the reason for act does not come near to fitting the punishment .

“This is the tragic outcome of an armed robbery by a mentally unbalanced person” – The Catholic diocese in Parma, Italy

“It is very difficult to know the reason behind the killing, but nothing can justify it” – Father Mario.

Following suit, the catholic community and the religious at large have come out strongly condemning this barbaric act.  News from the Vatican said Pope Francis was “greatly saddened” by the killings.  “Pope Francis has learned with great sadness of the murder of three nuns,” Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin said in a telegram sent on the pope’s behalf.

The pope offered condolences in the “tragic death” of the nuns to their families, the local parishioners and the sisters’ order, the Xavarian Missionary Sisters of Mary.

ACWECA International on behalf of the region resonate the Pope’s sentiments in condemning this brutality on the Women religious and calls upon the region to prayer for the sisters departed, their congregation and biological families.

Speaking from Rome, the newly appointed Secretary General of ACWECA; Sr. Eneless Chimbali SBVM said “we are saddened by this events and pray for the safety of all Women religious in the region and the entire world who leave the comfort of their homes convents)/Lands to serve the poor and trodden in the community”.  Just like the Parish Priest; Fr. Mario, Sr. Eneless thought that this was an act that did not fit the issue at hand.  She said, “other channels should have been followed.  May God have mercy on his soul”.

The two nuns had served in Burundi for seven years, after working several years in the east of another central African state, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

(Article by: Marie Njuguna – ACWECA Communications Dept)



Go, Do not be Afraid and Serve – Pope Francis  

The Team of Consecrated Women mandated by the 16th ACWECA Plenary 2014 in Lusaka, Zambia to Carry the torch of the Association for the next 3 years ( 2014 - 2017)

The Team of Consecrated Women mandated by the 16th ACWECA Plenary 2014 in Lusaka, Zambia to Carry the torch of the Association for the next 3 years ( 2014 – 2017)

The Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA) elected and appointed new office bearers for the Positions of Chairperson, Secretary General and Executive members; representatives of the 9 Member Countries.  This noble exercise was carried out on 27th August 2014 at Andrews Motel in Lusaka Zambia.  A colourful installation ceremony followed thereafter coupled with a lot of Zambian music style and culture of installing/blessing new leaders.  H.E. Apostolic Nuncio of Zambia Julio Murat celebrated the closing Mass.

 “Jesus was Close to the suffering. This should give us Consolation because He is close to us and compassionate”  – H.E. Apostolic Nuncio Julio Murat

Sr. Prisca Matenga DOR Superior General Daughters of the Redeemer

ACWECA Chairperson Sr. Prisca Matenga DOR

Sr. Margaret Aringo FSJ who had served ACWECA for the last 3 years handed over the mantle of                Leadership to Sr. Prisca Matenga DOR.  Sr. Prisca is the Superior General of the Daughters of the Redeemer; a Diocesans Congregation in Zambia.  She is deputized by Sr. Anna Mary Henrietta Nyangoma, the Superior General of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary based in Kenya – she is also the Executive representative for Kenya.

Sr. Catherine Okari IBVM who has served ACWECA for nine years and has been responsible for accomplishing 3 sets of mandates from the 13th, 14th and 15th Plenaries.  She handed over the mantle of that

Sr. Eneless Chimbali SBVM

Sr. Eneless Chimbali SBVM

noble office to Sr. Eneless Chimbali from Malawi and a sister of the Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Sr. Eneless has resigned as the Secretary General of Association of Women in Religious Institutes of Malawi (AWRIM) to take up the same position in ACWECA.

‘The shoes are big and we pray that they fit well’ – ACWECA Community

The new Secretary General is currently on a 3 Months sabbatical before she takes up office in January 2015 and Sr. Catherine Okari IBVM will be holding office until then.


The Country representations were elected as follows:

  • Sr. Therese Nyoni                           –              Zambia
  • Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo                 –              Uganda
  • Sr. Lucy Maliekal                            –              Tanzania
  • Sr. Noha Nynadi                              –              North Sudan
  • Sr. Mary Daniel Abut                      –              South Sudan
  • Sr. Clementina  Nkandira              –              Malawi
  • Sr. Abrehet  Solomon Temelso     –              Eritrea

(The Ethiopian Representative will be communicated at a later date)

In her maiden speech after the installation Ceremony, Sr. Prisca Matenga DOR expressed her deep gratitude to the outgoing leadership team.

Out-gone Leadership - Executive Members: (2011 - 2014)

Out-gone Leadership – Executive Members: (2011 – 2014)

In her speech during the colorful installation ceremony at the closing mass of the 16thGeneral Assembly at Andrews Motel in Lusaka, Sr. Matenga thanked the outgoing Chairperson, Sr. Margaret Aringo FSJ and the entire executive team for their tremendous dedication in accomplishing many things for the Association.

Sr. Margaret Aringo FSJ

Sr. Margaret Aringo FSJ

 You are just fantastic, thank you for your courage, thank you for your determination, thank you for your hard work, thank you for remaining focused until up to this time that you are gracefully handing over the office to us. You are great women, thank you so much and may God reward you for what you have done for ACWECA”, she said.

 Sr. Prisca also commended the outgoing ACWECA Secretary General, Sr. Catherine Okari IBVM for working extremely hard to bring ACWECA up to where it is now.

Sr. Catherine Okari IBVM

Sr. Catherine Okari IBVM

 “You are an angel. I salute you on behalf of ACWECA. We thank you for your true innovativeness and for your brilliant ideas. We thank you for your intelligence and for having moved ACWECA forward, for loving ACWECA! We are proud of you; thank you so much. We will pray for you”.

 Our prayers and well wishes goes to the new team as they embark on the noble task of fulfilling the Mandates of 2014 – 2017.



Way Forward

During the 16th General Assembly in Lusaka Zambia, The Association of Consecrated Women of Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA) committed – under the theme ‘Go do not be afraid and serve’ –  that in the years (2014 – 2017) they will:

1.  To promote, enhance, deepen and strengthen Religious Life through holistic formation at every level by:

  • Training Spiritual Directors
  • Training Canon Lawyers
  • Training leaders
  • Critical study of the Research/Findings in “Culture and Religious Women in Eastern Africa” integrating the positive elements of culture to strengthen African identity in Religious Life and Society

 2.  To promote capacity building for Mission by:

Using the CRS tools of Holistic Organizational Capacity Assessment Instrument (HOCAI) and Sub-Recipient Financial Management Policy (SRFMP) to become more effective in:

  • Alleviating poverty
  • Building systems of self-sustainability of congregations and organizations
  • Ending human trafficking
  • Building community relationships through inter-religious dialogue

 3.  To continue to build solidarity with the Sisters in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan.

 (Article by:  ACWECA Communications Dept)

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Subsequent to the just concluded ACWECA 16th Plenary 2014 in Lusaka Zambia, the Consecrated Women of the ACWECA Region had this to say;

 Go do not be afraid and serve…Pope Francis



 To the catholic faithful and all people of good will!

The Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA), comprising the National Conferences of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia, greet you all in the name our Lord Jesus Christ. Shalom!

Concerned with the situation in our region, namely, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and the Republic of Sudan, we, the Catholic Consecrated Women meeting at Andrews Motel, in Lusaka, Zambia for the 16th Plenary Assembly from 16th August to 29th August 2014, prayed together and discussed our present day circumstances in the region under the theme: “Go, do not be afraid and serve”, in view of offering solidarity to our sisters who are courageously serving there.  

We are determined to start with ourselves, as individuals, in leading the way of life that is grounded on the gospel values and principles of mutual respect for the dignity of every human person. We have shared and discussed on ways and means of improving efficiency in our role as sisters.

 In the light of our theme “Go, do not be afraid and serve”, we the ACWECA members commit ourselves to:

  • Embrace and promote gospel values i.e. justice, peace, reconciliation, hope and solidarity.
  • Enhance self-sustainability in all national associations.
  • Promote, enhance, deepen and strengthen religious life through a Holistic lifelong formation programs.
  • Strengthen networking with other National Conferences and Church Structures.
  • Ensure that our information in the media systematically addresses the most pressing pastoral, social justice and development concerns of ACWECA.
  • Encourage each associations to train sisters in spiritual direction and canon law.
  • Design programs which will pay special attention to vulnerable members of society with the view of promoting human rights and the dignity of all human beings (poverty, human trafficking …).
  • Promote inter religious dialogue

Finally, we acknowledge with deep gratitude the hospitality of the Zambian Association of Sisterhoods and people of Zambia, for their generosity for hosting us. 

We express our profound gratitude to all our local benefactors and abroad   who have generously supported us and have made this assembly a success. May our generous Father return choicest blessings on your work and families.

God bless the people of ACWECA.

 SR. PRISCA MATENGA, DOR                                                                                                                                        ACWECA CHAIRPERSON                


Rev. Fr. Vincent Wambugu, Secretary General Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops

Rev. Fr. Vincent Wambugu,
Secretary General
Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops

Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) General Secretary Very Rev. Fr. Vincent Wambugu goes for sabbatical leave from August 15, 2014.

Information received from Waumini Communication Office said Fr. Wambugu who has served the conference for thirteen years leaves for the United States of America where he got full scholarship to further his studies in Theology at Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio Texas and later to consider registering at Notre-Dame University in order to take his management studies to the next level. 

Speaking during the celebration of Holy Mass in honor of the outgoing Secretary General at Waumini house, Westland -Nairobi on August 13, 2014, KCCB Chairman, His Eminence John Cardinal Njue thanked Fr. Wambugu for the steps he has made in improving Kenya Catholic Secretariat, revealing that there has been tremendous change since 2001 when he took over the administration of the Secretariat.

Cardinal Njue called on the employees of the Secretariat to be united, cooperative and to work as a team, in order to continue the good work that has been largely appreciated by the Bishops, adding that it is time to re-dedicate and utilize values for the good of the church in Kenya.

During his Homily, the KCCB Principal Administrator and the Bishop of Homa-bay Rt. Rev Philip Anyolo appreciated Fr. Wambugu’s wisdom, humility and dedication which he says has put the Secretariat on high gear.

The Holy Mass was concelebrated by AMECEA General Secretary Very Rev Fr. Ferdinand Lugonzo, Deputy General Secretary Very Rev. Fr Daniel Rono, Rev. Fr. Kizito, a formator at St. Thomas of Aquinas Major Seminary, Pontifical Missionary Director Rev. Fr. Celestino Bundi and National Executive Secretary for Commission for Pastoral and Lay Apostolate Rev. Fr. Charles Odira.

Fr. Wambugu takes four months break and during his absence KCCB Deputy General Secretary Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Rono takes charge of the day to day running of the Secretariat.


SOURCE: By Rose Achiego; Waumini Communications -KCCB

‘Celebrate the commitment of your sisters,’ superiors general told – Global Sisters Report

‘Celebrate the commitment of your sisters,’ superiors general told – Global Sisters Report.