Go , do not be afraid and serve – Pope Francis 

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On the 16th of August 2014, the Association of Consecrated Women of Eastern and Central Africa will congregate at the St. Andrew’s Motel in Lusaka, Zambia for their 16th Plenary. The plenary is a collaboration of Zambian Association of Sisters (ZAS) and ACWECA.

                                                20,000 Plus                                                                 The Number of Sisterhoods                                                    Represented by ACWECA

Every  three years since the inception of the Association in 1974, 9 Regions – Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Malawai, S. Sudan, N. Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia over 100 Sisters’ representatives from each country congregate at a chosen location for updates and to forge new breaking grounds and get new mandates.


This year in particular, is a special year because ACWECA is celebrating its  40th Anniversary whose climax will be on the 17th of August 2014 at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus. The Zambia Association of Sisterhoods together with the very vibrant Catholic Women of Zambia will be at the forefront of the Celebration. Various Priests and Clergy in Zambia will officiate the ceremony as well as cerebrate mass.

In addition to the Sisters, the plenary will be attended by invited Government officials in Zambia (for the opening ceremony, anniversary celebrations and open sessions), AMECEA, ACWECA partners and friends.

The attendance of this year’s General Assembly (Plenary) has been recorded as the highest in recent years owing to the sensitization by the Association on its mission and vision coupled with various project undertaken.  ACWECA has made major strides in accomplishing the same for the good of the church and the communities the many sisters represented serve in.

GA prayer





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