ACWECA Website Launch


The Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA) on August 19 2014 launched a new website

 The launch of the website brought excitement to the sisters and lay faithful who were present during the launch including donors and partners.

 In her presentation during the launch, the ACWECA communications officer, Marie Njuguna said the ACWECA website is one of the integral channels used to communicate to the outside world.

 “Our communication mostly entails our projects, ACWECA news, ACWECA diary of events, fundraising and any other activities”, she said.

 She said, “communication is very important for any organization; it is a way of telling the outside world what we are doing, what we want and what we need, also  to listen or get information of what others are doing and ways to collaborate”.

 “The new website has been designed with simplicity, accessibility and improved navigation. Our newest initiative is ACWECA friends association. Other features are the social media, for both twitter and face book streaming in real time for the homepage.

 Marie appealed to all national conferences to make use of the website by posting information regularly. The new website links all ACWECA member countries to the homepage.


 To launch the website, Marie welcomed all members present to new website and hoped that their experience will be an exciting one in ACWECA’s journey.

 There was clapping soon after the launch and the ACWECA Chairperson commended the team behind the new website and all members in the ACWECA Secretariat for their dedication.

 The launch was held at Andrews Motel, in Lusaka, Zambia during the ongoing General Assembly from 16th -29 August.



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