Subsequent to the just concluded ACWECA 16th Plenary 2014 in Lusaka Zambia, the Consecrated Women of the ACWECA Region had this to say;

 Go do not be afraid and serve…Pope Francis



 To the catholic faithful and all people of good will!

The Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA), comprising the National Conferences of Eritrea, Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia, greet you all in the name our Lord Jesus Christ. Shalom!

Concerned with the situation in our region, namely, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and the Republic of Sudan, we, the Catholic Consecrated Women meeting at Andrews Motel, in Lusaka, Zambia for the 16th Plenary Assembly from 16th August to 29th August 2014, prayed together and discussed our present day circumstances in the region under the theme: “Go, do not be afraid and serve”, in view of offering solidarity to our sisters who are courageously serving there.  

We are determined to start with ourselves, as individuals, in leading the way of life that is grounded on the gospel values and principles of mutual respect for the dignity of every human person. We have shared and discussed on ways and means of improving efficiency in our role as sisters.

 In the light of our theme “Go, do not be afraid and serve”, we the ACWECA members commit ourselves to:

  • Embrace and promote gospel values i.e. justice, peace, reconciliation, hope and solidarity.
  • Enhance self-sustainability in all national associations.
  • Promote, enhance, deepen and strengthen religious life through a Holistic lifelong formation programs.
  • Strengthen networking with other National Conferences and Church Structures.
  • Ensure that our information in the media systematically addresses the most pressing pastoral, social justice and development concerns of ACWECA.
  • Encourage each associations to train sisters in spiritual direction and canon law.
  • Design programs which will pay special attention to vulnerable members of society with the view of promoting human rights and the dignity of all human beings (poverty, human trafficking …).
  • Promote inter religious dialogue

Finally, we acknowledge with deep gratitude the hospitality of the Zambian Association of Sisterhoods and people of Zambia, for their generosity for hosting us. 

We express our profound gratitude to all our local benefactors and abroad   who have generously supported us and have made this assembly a success. May our generous Father return choicest blessings on your work and families.

God bless the people of ACWECA.

 SR. PRISCA MATENGA, DOR                                                                                                                                        ACWECA CHAIRPERSON                


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